About Us


About Us

The Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA) exists to provide the latest,
cutting-edge training, tools, insider tips and resources to support and equip
local business marketing professionals.

As the great opportunity for local business internet marketing became apparent, it was clear that marketing consultants needed the right kind of training to help them create successful marketing campaigns that led to profitable local businesses. And this is how LIMA was born—developed as a neutral community of local business Internet marketing gurus, such as Kevin Wilke, Mike Koenigs,  and other trusted, successful contributors in the local business markets.

LIMA Stands for Success for Both Local Businesses and Marketing Professionals

At LIMA, we are passionate about seeing both local businesses and local business internet marketing professionals succeed. We view our organization as a launch pad for success in local business Internet marketing. We are committed to ongoing growth of our members in areas of personal and professional development, as well as the promotion of the highest standards for professional ethics for all members.

In An Ever-Changing Online World, Local Business
Owners Need More Than Just Another Knowledgeable Marketing Consultant; They Need a Trained Expert Who Specializes in Local Business Internet Marketing

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the on-going knowledge, tools, resources, and support necessary to do your job well, while instilling in you the confidence to step out and grow your business. As you master skill after skill and technique after technique, your local business clients will prosper, your income will grow, and the real value of your LIMA membership will shine.

We love this business because we’ve helped develop it, and we want to do everything we can to help it grow and to help you succeed. Many people who are just getting started as local business marketers, lack the credibility or experience of their new business, and clients may ask what they’ve done. LIMA membership is a unique way to leverage our credibility and reputation, so you no longer face any barriers to getting started or to growing your business.

Join today…become a LIMA member, and connect with our centralized community of experts, experience the unique membership benefits and learn from our cutting-edge training and resources, and then get ready to watch your local Internet marketing business take off.

And if you are a local business owner, you too can reap the rewards of LIMA by settling for nothing less than a LIMA-affiliated local online marketing consultant. Click here to learn more: “Why Hire a LIMA Member?