Brick and Mortar Internet Marketing Thrives When You Share

February , 2013 by Kevin Wilke

One of the best bits of advice you can get about brick and mortar Internet marketing is to give first.

Brick and Mortar Internet Marketing

Brick and Mortar Internet Marketing – Good Manners

Not everything a brick and mortar Internet marketing consultant does is super high-tech. Some advice you’ll get falls into the category of plain old
good manners. Some will involve increasing your visibility in ways you’ve never done before. And some invoke proven principles of human psychology,
like the Law of Reciprocity. This is our general tendency to want to keep things even rather than being indebted to someone for a kindness they’ve
done for us.

A Major Goal in Brick and Mortar Internet Marketing

One of the cornerstones in online marketing is getting high quality backlinks to your website. Way back when, website owners used to buy links. Google was not amused. Then they started generating them on their own using automation. Google got seemingly downright vengeful, essentially wiping that tactic off the board with algorithm updates and penalties. Now the only way to get good backlinks is to let them happen naturally – maybe.

There are tons of websites out there where a backlink in the form of a mention, endorsement, or recommendation would do wonders for introducing your business to a whole new audience you can’t reach on your own. These are sites owned by businesses that do business with or otherwise influence the same people who fit your ideal target market demographics.

So, great. Get links from them. Problem solved.

Not so fast.

Good Manners Meet Brick and Mortar Internet Marketing

Why should those influential website owners link to your site? They probably get requests for links on an hourly basis. They certainly get hordes of marketers trying to trick them to provide a backlink (just take a peek in any big site’s blog comment spam file!).

Let’s combine a couple of principles central to good networking: giving first, and asking nicely.

What if you contacted some of these website owners and offered value to them first? What if you put yourself at their service? They benefit from backlinks, too, even if your site is nowhere near as influential as theirs. They benefit from reaching new audiences, from being recommended, from being mentioned. How about contacting them by email and asking if they have any articles, blog posts, videos, or other content they would like you to share with your website visitors to introduce your visitors to them? If they’re serious about marketing, they will appreciate the gesture and most likely take you up on your offer. Don’t ask for anything. Just do this favor with no expectation of anything in return. Your goal first and foremost is to be of service, to add value, whether any benefit comes to you later or not.

As you build a relationship with these other website owners, at some point, you can move to the second part of this process: asking nicely. Dale Carnegie, in an early edition of his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” talked about asking for favors, saying that phrasing your request as asking for a favor appeals to their vanity and communicates your opinion that they are important.

Here’s the favor you request; you’ve got a blog post, article, or video you would really like to get out to more people than you can reach on your own. Simply ask some of these other website owners for a favor, that they’d mention or link to your article. Make sure it’s a good one, one that will give value to your new readers rather than just promoting your business, one these other website owners will be proud to be associated with because it’s top-notch quality. That creates a win for everyone.

The brick and mortar Internet marketers who belong to LIMA stand for an uncommon level of quality in our industry that sets them apart, worldwide. Basic principles of treating people well are just the start; this commitment carries forward into how we market your business online, how we do all we can to help your business succeed in every way.

Contact a LIMA member today for a free website analysis, and get just a taste of how we do business.


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