Digital Services Marketing Association

DSMA Code of Ethics

The Digital Services Marketing Association is dedicated to the promotion of the highest standards for professional ethics for its organization and for all members. These ethics represent the collective ideas of what business communities find morally acceptable and ethically proper. We, the leaders of DSMA, utilize these ethics and values to serve as the guidelines for our own behavior and expect DSMA members also to use these ethics as guidelines for their professional actions and the actions of any people they employ in their businesses.

The DSMA Code of Ethics includes the following criteria for desired and expected behavior from DSMA members:

Do no harm. This is a common code of ethics for professionals from all industries and occupations. As marketing professionals, we strive to do no harm by purposely avoiding actions that may be detrimental to others, including omissions of facts. We adhere at all times to laws of the land and industry regulations.

Practice honest and trustworthy marketing. Utilize fairness and upright practices that promote a high level of ethics—always avoiding deceptive practices in marketing, such as misleading product design or marketing communications, or unfair pricing.

Promote good will and ethics toward clients, consumers and other marketers. Work to build rapport through growing confidence in fair marketing practices. Strive always to be honest, fair, transparent, responsible and respectful in all professional relationships.

Avoid any participation in the promotion for goods and services that do not exist.

Practice fair e-mail marketing and telemarketing practices—only using targeted promotions that follow accepted industry guidelines; avoiding use of contact information obtained through underhanded methods.

Do not utilize illegal payments (direct or indirect) to gain a certain status from partners, clients, consumers, government entities or suppliers.

Avoid utilizing marketing communications that unfairly attack or slander competitors, including other companies, marketers or products and services.

Utilize truthful marketing communications and advertisements that accurately portray companies, organizations, products and services; do not make claims about clients or their products and services without supportive documentation or proof of the claims.

Uphold the law and government statutes in all business activities.

Promote only products and services of value that hold true to the claims of their marketing messages.

We expect all DSMA members to take a proactive approach to following these codes of ethics throughout all of their business practices—whether direct or indirect. If there is any question regarding whether a certain business marketing practice meets the DSMA Code of Ethics, we welcome your questions and concerns and will provide guidance when possible.