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Stand Out Among the Masses of
So-Called Internet Marketers.

Get the Professional, Expert DSMA Designation!

We’ve all seen the informational e-books, fly-by-night trainings, and websites claiming to help you master local business marketing. However, when it comes to successful online marketing for local businesses, learning from the industry experts is the way to the top.

Digital Services Marketing Association (DSMA) membership is your opportunity to obtain the training necessary to create profitable local business marketing campaigns. Through DSMA membership, you’ll have at your fingertips a continuous stream of the latest, cutting-edge online marketing techniques and information you can utilize immediately to benefit your clients, or to attract new ones.

You will have the support and advice from the top industry leaders who are available to guide you through potential challenges and help you to better meet your clients’ needs while building your own local internet marketing business.

Here’s what you can look forward to if you are approved to be  a DSMA Member:

  1. DSMA Members-Only Monthly Newsletter & Audio CD Shipped to Your Door:

    Learn the latest strategies on finding and working with ideal clients and keep up with the latest online marketing techniques through this members-only monthly newsletter and audio CD. We’ll ship it directly to your door each month.

    You’ll have the unique opportunity to hear industry experts share insider tips and strategies to have a successful agency that delivers exceptional results for your clients , and you will be inspired by amazing success stories.

  2. Rights to Display the Distinctive DSMA Logo on Your Website

    As an active DSMA member who is in good standing following our Code Of Ethics, you can display the DSMA logo on your website to verify to your clients the high level of quality service and results you are committed to offering to each of your clients.

  3. Member’s Only Learning Center

    This is like having your own tutor on demand. You’ll get on-going business support through audio MP3’s and online videos containing powerful information from world-renowned experts in online marketing for local businesses!

  4. Monthly ‘Local Niche Research Report’ To Help You Find Hidden Clients

    Here’s how to rapidly expand your business into more and more untapped markets! Our Niche Research Report will give you keyword analysis and other research data to show you how to expand into a new market full of local business owners (who need your help), and also to provide them up-to-date information on their online marketing strategy so they are set up for the greatest success.

  5. Live Monthly Q&A Calls (Plus Access to All Previous Q&A Calls)

    Got questions, challenges, roadblocks you need to discuss? Are you simply looking for some help or encouragement? Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to attend live training calls with your Boots on the Ground expert, when he will answer any of your questions. As a DSMA member, you’ll also have access to the archive of all previous Q&A call recordings.

By Application Only...

DSMA membership is only for those agency owners and marketing consultants committed to providing exceptional service and results for their clients. Would you like to find out more information about becoming a DSMA member? Apply today  to become a member of this exclusive community of the best in our industry!