We’ve all seen the informational e-books, fly-by-night trainings,
and websites claiming to help you master local business marketing.
However, when it comes to successful online marketing for local
businesses, learning from the industry experts is the way to the top.

Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA) membership is your opportunity to obtain the training necessary to create profitable local business marketing campaigns. Through LIMA membership, you’ll have at your fingertips a continuous stream of the latest, cutting-edge traffic generation techniques and information you can utilize immediately to benefit your clients, or to attract new ones.

You will have the support and advice from the top industry leaders who are available to guide you through potential challenges and help you to better meet your clients’ needs while building your own local internet marketing business.

Do you feel like you are stuck in your local internet marketing business?

Are you looking for a way to rise above the competition?

Do you want to shock and amaze your local business clients with your marketing expertise and successful campaigns?

If so, LIMA Membership is for you!

Here’s what you can look forward to with your LIMA Membership:

LIMA Members-Only Monthly Newsletter & Audio CD Shipped to Your Door: Learn the latest strategies on landing new clients and keep up with the latest traffic generation techniques through this members-only monthly newsletter and audio CD. We’ll ship it directly to your door each month. You’ll have the unique opportunity to hear industry experts share insider tips and strategies to obliterate challenges, and you will be inspired by amazing success stories.
A State of the Art Website: Maybe you’ve wanted your own marketing website, but haven’t been able to make it happen yet. Your LIMA membership comes with a state-of-the-art website where you can feature your business and show case your services. The user-friendly website comes with its own Admin Panel to help you update content real-time.
Personalized Member’s Profile Page: When you create a profile on our LIMA membership page, you will have the proof that you are an expert in your field—someone who is continually honing his or her craft. That is something clients recognize and appreciate! Through this profile page, you’ll also have leads dripped to you over time. Boost your clients’ search engine rankings by including links to their webpages on your profile page. Two birds with one very effective stone!
Discounts for Health Insurance HMO/PPO & Vendors: As a self-employed professional, chances are you are always seeking ways to save money for your business. LIMA membership connects you with valuable health insurance coverage for a one-person company or more through our Top A+ Rated Carrier with premiums discounted up to 42%. Also receive bulk discounts on office supplies, continuing education, and other useful items for your business as we keep adding more perks!
Rights to Display the Distinctive LIMA Logo on Your Website: As an active LIMA member, you can display the LIMA logo on your very own website to show off and impress local business clients. You’ll get instant clickable proof that you’re indeed a member of ours, so people can verify you, and learn about how LIMA ensures you’re a consultant they’ll WANT to work with.
Member’s Only Learning Center: This is like having your own tutor on demand. You’ll get on-going business support through audio MP3’s and online videos containing powerful information from world-renowned experts in local business!
Live Monthly Q&A Calls (Plus Access to All Previous Q&A Calls): Got questions, challenges, roadblocks you need to discuss? Are you simply looking for some help or encouragement? Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to attend live training calls where internet gurus and experts answer any of your questions. As a LIMA member, you’ll also have access to the archive of all previous Q&A call recordings.
Monthly ‘Local Niche Research Report’ To Help You Find Hidden Clients: Here’s how to rapidly expand your business into more and more untapped markets! Our Niche Research Report will give you keyword analysis and other research data to show you how to infiltrate a new market full of local business owners (who need your help), and also to provide them with information on their own marketing strategy, so they’ll come running for your help.
LIMA Gives Back 3% of all membership dues goes to building schools in 3rd world countries


Ready to become a LIMA member? Join today to take advantage of these benefits and more! You can choose from 2 different levels…

And if you are a local business owner, you too can reap the rewards of LIMA by settling for nothing less than a LIMA-affiliated local online marketing consultant. Click here to learn more: “Why Hire a LIMA Member?

Gold Silver
LIMA Members-Only Physical Monthly Newsletter & Audio CD
Your Own Member’s Profile Page
Health Insurance & Vendor Discounts
Rights To Display Our Logo On Your Website As An Active Member
Member’s Only Learning Center
LIMA Gives Back (3% of all membership dues goes to building schools in 3rd world countries)
Live Monthly Group Q&A Calls (With Access To All Previous Q&A Calls)
Monthly “Local Niche Research Report”
Done-For-You Client Newsletter
Local Marketing Report Generator
State of the Art Website for your Business
$99.95 Monthly
$49.95 Monthly