Why Hire An Active LIMA Member?


When you begin to search for a qualified local business marketing professional, you will likely find a plethora of candidates claiming to be the best at what they do. The truth is that many are learning as they go, and even more are utilizing outdated resources and tools to do a job that requires cutting-edge expertise and an in-depth understanding of local business marketing—not just a basic knowledge of Internet marketing.

But a LIMA member brings more to the table, which translates into growth and success for your local business. Here’s how:

  • LIMA members have at their fingertips a continuous stream of the latest, cutting-edge traffic generation techniques and possess the know-how required to use these techniques to benefit your local business.
  • They receive extensive training and support from industry leaders to guide them through any challenge you may face in your local business marketing. This means you have access to the LIMA member you hire and through him or her you also have access to a team of the top local business marketing professionals the industry has to offer.
  • LIMA members know how to run profitable local business marketing campaigns, while saving your business money on marketing costs. Lower Marketing Budget + Increased Sales = Big Profits for your business.
  • They specialize in the small, local business sector.
  • They are passionate about helping your small business grow and achieve profits like never before, even in the face of a shaky economy.

Choosing a LIMA Members is a Smart Business Decision

LIMA membership provides local business owners with peace of mind. You can put your trust in a local business marketing expert who has your best interest and ultimate success in mind as well as the skills, support and tools to back it up. All members must adhere to our Code of Ethics. LIMA membership gives local business marketing professionals all they need to meet your marketing needs.

There’s no reason to settle for a marketing consultant who may or may not know how to effectively promote your local business, when you can choose to hire a LIMA member who is fully focused on and equipped to deliver successful local business marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about our powerful community of leaders that will ensure you receive the training and guidance to live up to the LIMA name, click here: “LIMA Membership Opportunities.”