World Teacher Aid Partnership


LIMA is dedicated to the advancement of education and entrepreneurship, not only for its members, but also for people in developing countries. A new partnership with the organization World Teacher Aid ( is making great use of your LIMA membership dollars. A percentage of all LIMA membership fees now go towards building schools where none exist in places like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and El Salvador, and also toward educating the future leaders of these developing countries.

World Teacher Aid funds teacher salaries, enabling qualified teachers to be able to afford to work in these underdeveloped areas. Furthermore, the organization meets basic needs through daily feeding programs, so students are able to attend school, concentrate and learn. World Teacher Aid has made a dramatic improvement in school attendance by feeding hungry students and families.

Through your LIMA membership, you will also play a role in student sponsorship, so children are able to go on to a higher level of education they would not otherwise be able to afford. This education paves the way for students to support themselves and contribute to their families, communities and the growth of their countries.

LIMA Membership: Make a Difference in Your Professional Life While Helping Others

LIMA’s partnership with World Teacher Aid gives our members a unique opportunity to improve their own careers while making a difference in the lives of children and families in developing countries. When you become a member, we will keep you updated on our partnership and the new things World Teacher Aid is doing thanks to your contribution through membership.

If you are interested in joining our partnership with World Teacher Aid through LIMA membership, click here for more information: “LIMA Membership Opportunities.”

And if you are a local business owner, you too can indirectly support World Teacher Aid through settling for nothing less than a LIMA-affiliated local online marketing consultant. Click here to learn more: “Why Hire a LIMA Member?” You can also personally partner with World Teacher Aid by visiting their website: